I am still here

I took time out from my blog in June mostly because I was in a dark place. I am feeling better now and ready to share my book experiences with you. Thank you for continuing to support my blog even when I was out. Sunflowers chase the sun.

Taking time out

Dear friends, I am taking a mental health break from my blog. My headspace is cluttered and I need time to refocus . Thank you for following me and I hope to get back soon. Please take care and stay safe.


Weary,Weary,Trouble, pain.Sun's gonna shineSomewhereAgain. Langston Hughes

Corona musings

We do not care -That much is clear.Not enoughOf us careAnywhere... - Langston Hughes Image: MyTherapy I am stressed about how little people’s behavior seems to have changed despite seeing the ugly effects of this pandemic. I hope that going forward we can learn to care not only for ourselves but for others. Be safe.