book Review : Becoming by Michelle Obama

i do not like biographies or autobiographies, so i went into this with some reluctance. how does one review a best selling book by an amazing, loved woman? here goes…

the first part of the book is very interesting as it speaks a lot about becoming Michelle Robinson. she highlights her early years growing up in the South Side of Chicago giving vivid, and clear description of what her early life was like.

the second part of the book was becoming Michelle Obama, here she shares her meeting Barak and the development of their relationship, their love, the growth of their relationship and she also speaks about their struggles with fertility and how their daughters were born.

i found the writing dry. there is so much more in part one that i felt was too carefully constructed. i never felt i got to know Michelle Robinson. you get glimpses of her. maybe it was deliberate but i found it too restricted, held back and carefully worded. the only time that it flowed was when she spoke about her father, and her brother. still there was hesitancy i thought…

i felt she wanted to say more about her wanting to advance her own career but it was clipped and sterile.

the last part was becoming us – here there was more of Michelle, there was more storytelling and made for interesting reading. her being first lady and the challenges she encountered was interesting but this was already something we knew.

i do not know what i expected but i found the tone very clinical and not ‘biographical’ if you can call it that. it felt like a well presented media release.

my rating sadly is a 7/10. i think Michelle Obama is an exceptional woman but like i said i do not like biographies. i am keeping it on my book shelf though.

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