What I miss right now…

I miss wandering through book shops. Looking at stacked shelves of books- nothing brings me greater joy! The smell of books is unlike any feeling in the world.

I miss going home lunging bags filled with books and the anticipation of sitting and deciding which to read first ( I place books in different spaces around the house and I read whichever is in the room).

I am not against ebooks at all. I just love the physical presence of a book- new or old.

Soon this will pass and I ( and you) will be back in the book aisles albeit with a mask on. Stay safe and read a book.

3 Replies to “What I miss right now…”

  1. Agreed!

    Nothing against ebooks but I like physically seeing the progression I am making in a book, the smell of a book, and the act of turning pages. Haha, it sounds silly but I just prefer it.

    I miss picking out new (or used) books from a store! Going in and not knowing what you’ll come out with! 😦 Ready for this all to pass.


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