I am still here

I took time out from my blog in June mostly because I was in a dark place. I am feeling better now and ready to share my book experiences with you. Thank you for continuing to support my blog even when I was out. Sunflowers chase the sun.

Corona musings

We do not care -That much is clear.Not enoughOf us careAnywhere... - Langston Hughes Image: MyTherapy I am stressed about how little people’s behavior seems to have changed despite seeing the ugly effects of this pandemic. I hope that going forward we can learn to care not only for ourselves but for others. Be safe.

What I am reading

A Small Silence: Jumoke Verissimo After the glut of holiday food and drink, this book is proving to be a perfect read for relaxing. This is her debut novel and so far into the book I am getting positive vibes. I will upload a review soon. Fun fact : I met the author at a …

Reading from a place

My recent reads have mostly been authors from West Africa. This is mostly due to the fact that I have been based there because of work but also because of accessibility to the books. I thought reading books from a particular region would almost repetitive but I have been pleasantly surprised at the diversity in …